Premium personalized bath linen

The V.Barkowski brand was initiated by the creation of bath linen while traveling in the north of Morocco in 1997. Indeed, the very first model to have been launched was the pompom bath towel from the LAMU range which is inspired by a textile that Moroccan women wear to work in the fields. The other collections of premium personalized bath linen have been designed with the same aim in mind: to draw inspiration from the traditional know-how that is “twisted” into products that are part of Valérie Barkowski’s aesthetic and creative vocabulary.

Each year, the bath linen collections are revisited so that yesterday’s collection is complemented with today’s. The notions of timelessness and transmission are essential. Our collections represent a creative heritage of more than 20 years that is constantly nourished by travel and encounters

Our premium personalized bath linen models signed by Valérie Barkowski.

Our towel sets consist of 4 products made of 100% combed cotton: bath sheet 100cm x 150cm, bath towel 50cm x 100cm, guest towel 30cm x 50cm and bath mat 50cm x 94cm. 

All our bath linen is of a premium quality of 700 gr/m2 and 1100 gr/m2 for the bath mats. Valerie Barkowski’s bath linen is very absorbent from the very first use.

How to choose and buy our premium bath linen?

Choose your colour

We offer 4 different colours of high quality customisable bath linen: white, amber, dark grey and water.
These colours have been the subject of creative thinking. They should be timeless yet have character.

Choose your finishing touch

The finishes of our bath sets are hand-made by artisans who perpetuate the ancestral know-how of Morocco.

Fringes are present in the HIRO and POLLUX collections. 

Pompoms are the signature of our LAMU and TULUM ranges.

The embroidery is displayed on our MEMBA and TRASS collections.

Personalized and made-to-measure bathroom linen

We are attentive to your desires and needs. Our premium bath linen collections are customizable. The colour of the finishes can be the same colour as the sponge or another plain colour from the range or take on multicoloured shades.

Care instructions 

To get the most out of your bath towel, we recommend that you wash it at 40°C before using it for the first time. The sponge will be even softer and more absorbent. 

When washing, separate light and dark tones.

It is advisable to tumble dry your bath linen. This will give it suppleness and swelling power. Our thick 100% cotton bath linen can only be ironed at a low temperature. 

In our quest to respect materials and the planet, we strongly recommend that you use natural detergents to care for your premium personalized bath linens.