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Tis’ the Season

Photos : Tania Panova – Nicole Francesca Manfron

From the heart of Marrakech we send our warmest holiday tidings to you and yours. As the longest night gives way to the extended sunny days ahead, we look forward to the paths yet traveled in 2023.

Our atelier and the V. Barkowski shop will ring in the new year full of enchantment and inspiration for the coming moons, with plenty “in store” (and online) for you. From solstice to soulful, we will continue to create where sustainability, quality, and elegance intersect.

Make merriment, eat well, love more, and channel all that we know to be good and true. If you meet the doldrums, just slip on your favorite babouches and let them lead the way. Click the pointed toes together three times and repeat, “Wherever you are, there I am.” And together, we’ll all go along for the ride on this side of paradise.