Premium hand-embroidered textile accessories

Handcrafted premium slippers

The Moroccan slippers signed by Valérie Barkowski are real “beds for the feet”. They have soft and quilted cotton soles to accompany you during your quiet days at home. The babouches, bedspreads and cushion covers are our premium hand-embroidered textile accessories.

Hand-embroidered modern bedspread

The bedspread completes V. Barkowski bed linen set with refinement. We offer bedspread models to match our duvet covers. Our bedspreads can be made to measure according to your request.

Modern hand-embroidered cushion cover

Just like our bedspreads, our cushion cover collections complement the bed linen collections in a harmonious way. As our household linen, the cushion covers can be made to measure according to your needs.

How to care for V. Barkowski hand-embroidered premium quality textile accessories?

Our collections of bedspreads and pillowcases without wool threads are as easy to care for as all our household linen: machine washable at 40 degrees on a gentle cycle and machine dryable. Models that are finished with wool are to be dry-cleaned only. The babouches cannot be tumble-dried. 

We recommend using environmentally friendly detergents, which are kind to nature and to the planet. Products with optical brighteners should be avoided. These are irritating to the laundry, pollute the environment and have very little washing power. We also recommend environmentally friendly dry cleaners using products that are respectful to the planet.

We also prefer to hang our textiles on a clothes line so that they can dry in the open air. It will then be fresher and therefore easier to iron. In case you dry your clothes in the dryer, we also suggest you take them out of the dryer before they are completely dry. If you opt for embroidered household linen, iron it on the reverse side so as not to damage the embroidery.