Modern hand-embroidered cushion cover

Valérie Barkowski takes us on a journey with her modern, hand-embroidered cushion cover designs. Immersed in the Moroccan culture for more than 20 years, she gets her inspiration from it and from her encounters throughout the world to make a timeless and modern bed linen. The V. Barkowski household linen is made by meticulous craftsmen using ancestral embroidery techniques. The result is almost unique and high quality products that stand the test of time. The combination of timeless style and craftsmanship is the strength of the V. Barkowski brand. 

V. Barkowski: household linen collections that fit together and complement one another.

The design of each creation is carefully thought out so that it can be added to and harmoniously complement the entire range of household linen. Style is paramount. Our products must be timeless and creatively thought out so that their aesthetics are always modern and up-to-date for the next generations.

Our production process is slow. We want to create sustainable products, both in terms of style and quality. Our cushion cover models as well as all our household linen can be collected, stored and passed on.

Modern designs of cushion cover

We offer two sizes of cushion covers: 50 x 50 cm and 60 x 60 cm.

The cushion cover size 50 x 50 cm can be closed with buttons, while the 60 x 60 cm size can be closed with knotted lozenges.

The fabric is made of mercerised combed cotton and the embroidery is made of wool or cotton thread.

Custom-made cushion covers

We can make custom-made cushion covers on request. We offer cushion covers to match our bedspreads or duvet covers. Not all of our models are available on the website. Do not hesitate to contact us via the CONTACT page for more information about our collections.