High quality dark grey cotton bed linen

Discover now our high quality dark grey cotton bed linen designed by Valérie Barkowski. Collections inspired by multiple journeys to Morocco. The duvet covers, pillowcases and bed sheets are hand-embroidered by craftsmen who perpetuate Moroccan know-how and the manufacture of premium household linen.

Our high quality dark grey cotton bed linen collections

Our collections of bed linen sets in dark grey cotton are refined and timeless. We use trimmings, embroidery or different techniques to integrate pompoms on grey cotton fabrics. 

Our products are practically unique and can be made-to-measure. We can personalise the bed linen according to your desires by adding embroidery, trimmings or even colourful or multicoloured pompoms.

We advocate quality, craftsmanship, handmade, respect for materials and timelessness. 

Grey is a colour that appeals to both women and men.

Why choose a 100% cotton bed linen set by Valérie Barkowski?

Mercerised combed cotton is a durable and very resistant natural fibre which guarantees the longevity of our products. We work with sheared and calendered cotton fabrics, preventing the formation of cotton wools or deformation of the fabric.

“My customers tell me that they still own their bed linen after more than 10 years of use” – V. Barkowski

Other well-known advantages of 100% cotton bed linen are comfort, softness and lightness. Cotton has the property of being thermo-regulating: the fibre absorbs moisture from perspiration and retains body heat.

At what temperature should cotton sheets in plain dark grey cotton be washed?

The care of our grey bed linen sets is relatively simple. You can machine wash them at a maximum of 40 degrees in the delicate programme. Although tumble drying is possible, we recommend hanging the bed linen outside to dry.

The yarns used for our 100% cotton bed linen are colourfast yarns. Unless you use detergents or other cleaning agents, the yarns do not bleed. Please use detergents that are environmentally friendly and respect natural materials. 

Natural fabrics are subject to shrinkage during the first wash. This is quite common as a natural material is a living material. Please note that this shrinkage is taken into account when the products are made. We therefore recommend washing your dark grey cotton bed linen in cold water the first time. Your bed linen can be washed at up to 40 degrees on a gentle programme afterwards. 

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