Premium hand embroidered bed linen 

The philosophy of V. Barkowski is based on respect for the planet and for people. This is why we produce premium hand embroidered bed linen slowly according to your needs.
V. Barkowski brand is a story of style. It is a creative repertoire that is enriched through discoveries and travels. Our bed linen collection represents more than 20 years of work and development.

Why choose our premium hand-embroidered bed linen?

Hand-crafted work, premium quality, timelessness, made-to-measure and style are the values we have defended since the birth of the brand.
Our products are made with respect for mankind and the planet, thanks to craftsmen conveying the traditions of Moroccan know-how. It is important to us to respect these values and to transmit them to you via our top-of-the-range hand embroidered bed linen. We can offer you infinite variations and possibilities to make a tailor-made bed linen that will meet your needs and expectations. 

Timeless colours…

We offer white, dark grey and black bed linen. With these refined, sober and timeless colours, your Valerie Barkowski high-quality bed linen sets will stand the test of time.

Our collections of white cotton bed linen are the most extensive. White colour allows a multitude of possibilities in terms of finishes and especially in terms of matching different shades of colours. White bed linen reminds us, among other things, of the “beautiful linen” of our grandmothers. 
Our dark grey bed linen has the advantage that it appeals to both men and women. The black cotton bed linen is made of one single design with inspiring embroidered phrases. We have added this colour to match our white bed linen sets.

Bed linen based on 20 years of creation and adjustment

Our collections consist of duvet covers, pillowcases and bed sheets, some of which are made with entirely handmade trimmings, others feature delicate embroidery or pompoms sewn into the fabric. In addition to white, black or dark grey colours, our collections are distinguished by small details inspired by Morocco: trimmings for the AYA, NIL and YUMI collections, pompoms for the ILIAN, ILIAS and TULUM collections, embroideries for the KROSS, NOON, ORPHEUS and OTIS collections.

How to clean your handmade bed linen?

In general, we can only recommend that you use ecological products that respect nature and the planet. Ban products with optical brighteners. These are irritating to the laundry, pollute the environment and have very little washing power. Although our fabrics are made with yarns that are highly resistant to fading.

Our bed linen sets can be washed at 40 degrees on a gentle programme. 

You can also tumble dry them in the machine. However, it is best to hang the laundry outside to dry in the open air. It will then be fresher and therefore easier to iron. If you dry your bed linen in the tumble dryer, please remember to take it out before it is completely dry. We also advise to iron the embroidery on the reverse side in order to avoid any damage.