A couple of designs

Thick white cotton bath linen

The V. Barkowski brand is part of a slow lifestyle. Our collections are timeless. A good example of this is our thick white cotton bath linen with tassels designed in 1997. 

V.Barkowski’s white bath linen is part of a creative repertoire that has been enriched through travel and encounters for more than 20 years. We participate in the preservation of Morocco’s ancestral know-how while respecting man and environment.

Timeless and refined white cotton bath linen inspired by Morocco.

The LAMU collection is the range that made the V. Barkowski brand famous. This collection is distinguished by handmade tassels embroidered across the width of the bath linen. Next comes the TULUM collection with slightly larger but refined tassels placed at the four corners of our premium cotton bath linen.

The bath linen collection naturally expands to include fringes as an extra finishing touch. The POLLUX range has long fringes on both sides of the thick bath linen that give it a bohemian style. While the HIRO range consists of several rows of fringes that are tied and embroidered together. 

Next comes the MEMBA collection where small, colourful blocks of embroidery are sewn all around the bath linen in a random manner. Whereas the TRASS collection is a bath linen which is enhanced with a decorative embroidery in front stitch bordering all 4 sides.

LAMU, TULUM, POLLUX, MEMBA and TRASS are precursor bath linen collections that fit together, complement each other and are passed down through time.

The art of made-to-measure

Although our collections evolve over time and the colour ranges change from time to time, it is always possible to restock the products you like. In our archives we keep the history of our colours, which allows us to produce them on demand. You can choose the size of the bath towel, the finishes and its colours.

Our bath towels are available in white, amber, dark grey and water while the color ranges for the finishes are not limited. You can order the color you wish for the finishes by sending us an email with a Pantone reference.

Fade resistant yarn

The yarns used in our bath linen do not stain. We attach great importance to the quality of the materials we use so that our products have a long life.

Thick white cotton bath towel: 700gr cotton/m2

Our bath linen is of a superior quality. It is soft and very absorbent from the very first use.

The cotton towel is very thick with 700 grams of cotton per square metre. As for the sponge of the bath mat, it has a weight of 1100 grams per square metre.