A couple of designs

White embroidered table linen

An ancestral Moroccan know-how between embroidery, trimmings and pompoms

The V. Barkowski white embroidered table linen is made by hand by meticulous craftsmen perpetuating traditional Moroccan know-how. Among the embroidered textiles of the brand V. Barkowski you can discover the collections BROKEN KROSS, BROKEN PLUS, KROSS, NOON and YAM. 

The techniques of trimmings are a precious artisanal know-how preserved since 1998 for the making of our hand-embroidered table linen. The AYA and NIL collections signed by Valérie Barkowski present ornamental trimmings. This technique consists in sewing entirely handmade thread balls around the edge of the table linen. The thread balls can be in the color of your choice. It is a long-term job requiring a lot of patience and skills which can only be exercised by experienced artisans. 

Whereas we have been inspired by the mendil for the manufacture of our premium collections of tablecloths with tassels. The mendil is a textile worn by women working in the fields in the north of Morocco. Our modern and high-quality napkins, placemats and tablecloths with tassels are the ILIAN, ILIAS and TULUM collections. 

As you can imagine, traditional Moroccan craftsmanship is the very essence of the V. Barkowski brand.

Manufacture of premium and made-to-measure tablecloths

All sizes of custom-made tablecloths, placemats and napkins can be ordered. Each piece is unique and carefully made with respect and love for well done and tidy work.

As the possibilities for creating V.Barkowski tablecloths are almost endless, we invite you to go to the CUSTOM MADE tab to find out more about the various existing possibilities for personalizing your table linen. 

Indeed, all the finishes – trimmings, embroidery and pompoms – can be assembled on request to make a single item of table linen so that it is unique.

Withe 100% cotton embroidered table linen

The table linen is made of mercerised combed cotton or linen of 170 gr/m2. We offer premium hand-embroidered tablecloths, placemats and napkins in white, dark grey and taupe colors.