Premium handmade babouche

V. Barkowski has been inspired by travels to Morocco to create a unique and premium household linen. Enlarging the collections by offering premium handmade babouche has turned out to be an obvious choice.

Initially, the Moroccan babouche was created for women to cover their feet. It was then adopted by men for the sake of comfort.

V. Barkowski now offers a modern, tapered babouche as a slipper. These will accompany you at home, during your strolling moods.

The slippers are made of 100% mercerised combed cotton and each one features a tone-on-tone pompom which is hand-embroidered.

V. Barkowski’s premium handmade babouche: how to combine traditional craftsmanship and modernity.

Quality, timelessness, craftsmanship and know-how are the values of the V. Barkowski brand. The babouches are handmade in our workshops located in Marrakesh. The craftsmen with whom we work perpetuate ancestral Moroccan manufacturing techniques. The manufacture is meticulous and takes time. This is why we have our products made to order. Our vision of minimalism, ethics and slow production is at the basis of the creation of the brand and is in line with the spirit of the times.

Tapered and soft babouches in plain tones

We offer 4 colours of peaked babouches with pompon: black, grey, beige and ecru. They are sober and refined slippers…

The sole, as well as the whole babouche, is made of quilted cotton. They are soft and are compared by our customers to real “beds for the feet”. All edges are plain edges: there is no hem. This means that over time the edges fray. This is a style effect desired by Valerie Barkowski.

How to care for V. Barkowski’s premium babouches?

Our handmade babouches are machine washable on a gentle programme. Although we prefer to wash them by hand in lukewarm water. As for drying, babouches cannot be put in the dryer. They can be air-dried flat or hung on a clothesline.

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