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Why babouches have a pointed toe?

Step in and out of the Valerie Barkowski store with our exquisite babouches. These iconic slip-on shoes, adorned with intricate embroidery, capture the essence of craftsmanship and cultural heritage. But have you ever wondered why babouches have a pointed toe ?

The design is not only a nod to tradition, but it also serves a purpose – allowing your toes to gracefully extend and providing extra comfort and freedom of movement. With every step, you feel the whispers of Moroccan history and the elegance of timeless design. Pointed perfection.

Crédit photo : Tania Panova

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Creative Blocks

The Memba line turns 21! One of our classics seemingly never ages, still refined as ever with regal understatement and a coy sense of play. Hand-embroidered in our Marrakech atelier, the look is defined by unique tabs of colored stitching peppered around the perimeter, applying just the right amount of creative stamp to what are truly glorious bath towels.

Available in amber, gray, water, white and aqua, MEMBA sets the tones if you’re looking for something not too splashy, yet will send plenty of delightful ripples across the pond. Down to earth comfort and out of this world hues that are familiar yet uncommonly unique. And not to skip the most important beat, they’re thick, absorbent, and everything the perfect bath towel should be.

Take a full look at the Memba suite in our Marrakech store or online in the e-shop. The line comes in a variety of standard sizes, with customization and international shipping always a possibility.

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A Show of Hands

From creative sketch, to atelier and store, and then to you, there is no shortcut when it comes to delivering the quality we cherish. We nurture and insist on the handmade component of everything we produce, and this manual “flip phone methodology” is something we are truly proud of. From zigging stitches to festive pompoms and immaculate embroidery, we employ many traditional techniques to achieve the high standards that you’ve come to expect from the V. Barkowski label.

There is a time investment and a lot of expertise that goes into every item we make. Through the magic of invisible hands that deftly punctuate every tassel on every napkin or babouche, we make sure that what you end up receiving is what we’ve already stamped with the “handmade” seal of approval in the atelier.

There is no special bee line to arrive at fine craftsmanship. Rather, it’s through the daily task of getting all those nimble hands on deck!

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Waking up in 2023 registers with a breath of excitement and fresh air. Something’s different. Maybe it’s those rosy Moroccan suns, maybe it’s waking up in the sumptuous hand-embroidered sheets and covers you got for the holidays. Best of all, it could even be the epiphany of a recurrent dream calling. For us that means giving voice and taking to heart the parity, fair and sustainable practices that the world needs more than ever. And truly empowering them. Waking up to such a tectonic shift, all in the creature comforts of your own bed that inspired you in the first place? Indeed what a glorious morning that shall be!
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Tis’ the Season

Photos : Tania Panova – Nicole Francesca Manfron

From the heart of Marrakech we send our warmest holiday tidings to you and yours. As the longest night gives way to the extended sunny days ahead, we look forward to the paths yet traveled in 2023.

Our atelier and the V. Barkowski shop will ring in the new year full of enchantment and inspiration for the coming moons, with plenty “in store” (and online) for you. From solstice to soulful, we will continue to create where sustainability, quality, and elegance intersect.

Make merriment, eat well, love more, and channel all that we know to be good and true. If you meet the doldrums, just slip on your favorite babouches and let them lead the way. Click the pointed toes together three times and repeat, “Wherever you are, there I am.” And together, we’ll all go along for the ride on this side of paradise.

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Photos : Emma Louise Sophia

Have you checked out the revamped headquarters in Marrakech recently? There are many new things to show off that you can only see and snatch up in-store. The range of new accessories include little utilities like tassled pens and a splendid handbag designed exclusively for VB by Warangwayan. Make it a habit and take a little piece of us with you, otherwise you’re going to forget all those sweet nothings.

Photos : Tania Panova – Delphine Warin – Manon De Clercq

In the Medina it’s pleasantly warm, but autumn colours give an extra glow to our mood. Nothing like earthy tones and classic silhouettes to usher in that feeling of optimism and romance. From babouches to linens and graphic art, the soft caress of handmade objects and joyful simplicity of the manually embroidered give optimism and direction to the paths yet taken. Even in the comforts of home, walk around under the heavens and follow your own star, only in Marrakech. For enquiries and shipping internationally, just give us a buzz.

Photo : Delphine Warin
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Scribble Sanctuary

Photos : Tania Panova

We’ve rebooted our cushions collection and are eager to share the results with you. From “flower power” to “X’ marks the dots, these tracings are manually stitched and embroidered directly onto the linens. They are odes to the scribble of sketchbooks, where elements of play work their magic. And after an adventurous day comes a place of rest, ready for little else but soothing comfort and pillow talk.

Photo : Tania Panova

From heart to hand, these beautiful organic silhouettes are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted directly onto the cushion covers. Their classic black/white contrast maintains a natural sense of elegance and poetic balance –even if they might find themselves in the occasional pillow fight. Spring forth and snatch one up in our Marrakech store. Inquiries and international shipping always available.

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RED mood board: inspiration to create white and red linen

Red always

I was 11 years old and already, I chose red … a red and white wallpaper. A classic, a strong, lively color that has always been present. White and red linen comes and goes in my creations. I use it, I combine it. I punctuate it. Even in 2001, I did not hesitate to design fully dark red shops, from walls to ceilings through the floor and furniture. Everything was red. A total experience of color. Red is present in almost all my collections of home linen. It comes in bed linen, bath linen and table linen with their red finishes, embroideries and trimmings but also in my tarbouch hanging ceramic lamp.

bath linen white sponge red finishes

The association by mood board

I like creating inspiring mood boards, making combinations of products, nature, art, faces. I want to assemble, combine designs and colors. In the V.Barkowski collection, red is available here and there. Usually red is found in linen finishes. Red is combined.. For example, the multicolored ‘crush’ range perfectly matches a plain red. I provoke meetings, combine ideas.

white and red bed linen

Your own white and red linen

Do you have a particular red in mind? A well-defined color that you can not find on our site? Send us the Pantone color of your choice to … Our research will lead us to create the bespoke color closest to your desire for a single order of white and red linen. Yours.

white and red table linen