Premium black cotton bed linen

Valérie Barkowski’s premium black cotton bed linen is made by a small number of craftsmen who practice the “art of embroidery” according to the traditions and know-how of Morocco. Our workshops are located in Marrakesh. All our products, including bed linen, are hand embroidered and timeless.

Quality, handmade and timelessness are values transposed to all our bed linen collections.

Our collection of premium black cotton bed linen

The black bed linen has been made to complement our white cotton bed linen collections. It is an extra touch of colour that matches our other collections. 

Our black cotton bed linen currently consists of pillowcase and bed sheet designs with inspiring embroidered phrases such as “Follow your own star”, “Paradise is where I am”, “I can resist anything except temptation”, or “Where do you want to spend eternity? The embroideries are handmade.

Why choose cotton?

Cotton is a soft, comfortable and light material. It also has the property of being durable and very resistant. We use shiered and calendered cotton for our top-of-the-range bed linen. This means that the fabric does not twist or stretch over time. 

In addition, the cotton quickly takes up body temperature and absorbs moisture naturally. These two important qualities have a positive effect on sleeping comfort.

At what temperature should bed linen sets made of plain black cotton be washed?

We recommend washing V.Barkowski bed linen at a maximum of 40 degrees. Cotton bed linen can also be put in the dryer, although we prefer to air dry whenever possible. 

Please note that we use dyed yarns for our black cotton products. These do not bleed when washed. Unless you use detergent products to wash your household linen. 

In the interest of ecology, we suggest using natural detergents. 

It is recommended washing bed linen cold the first time. This is because natural fabrics can shrink the first time they are washed. This is perfectly normal, as a natural material is a living material. Please note that this material shrinkage is taken into consideration when making our high-quality bed linen. Washing your cotton linen at a low temperature prevents this phenomenon. 

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