Bath linen LB01 POLLUX water


Bath towels

The Water coloured fringes are embroidered by hand on both sides of the white terry towel.
100% combed cotton, 700gr / m2

This style is available in 3 sizes:


POLLUX Water : bath linen with handmade franges

POLLUX Water bath towels in white terry, thick and absorbent, with entirely hand embroidered fringes on two sides.

“After the success of Lamu bath towels, my bath towels lined with multicoloured or plain pompoms, I wanted to explore another style. A complementary style, a little different, more bohemian. The long fringes came naturally to life. ”  More information at

There are also 3 dimensions for the POLLUX bath linen:

Bath towel 100cm x 150cm
Hand towel 50cm x 100cm
Guest towel 30cm x 50cm.

POLLUX bath linen blends well with the IRMA and TRASS styles.

Additional information

Care instructions

Wash at 40°, these products can be machine dried.


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