White bed linen LL01 pompom ILIAS casapiedra


Bed linen ILIAS

Pompoms, entirely handmade, sewn into the material and assembled with a colored thread, line 4 sides of the duvet covers and pillowcases. On the sheet, the pompons line the whole width. All pillow cases and duvet covers have drawstring closures.
100% mercerized combed cotton.


ILIAS bed linen with multicolor casapiedra pompoms

ILIAS bed linen is designed with handmade multicolor pompoms that are sewn onto the material and assembled with a matching color thread. Pillow cases are embroidered on all 4 sides, which needs between 240 cm and 260 cm of pompoms. Duvet covers, which pompoms also line all 4 sides, need between 6.80 meters and 10 meters of pompoms. The making of embroidered bed linen by hand takes time and preciseness. A timeless quality bed linen that resists washing and fading. Pillow cases and duvet covers close with fabric drawstring.

It is possible to choose the color of the handmade pompoms.
Multicolor – a set of colors comprises a range. Here it is the color range casapiedra.

“I designed this style in 1997 when I settled in Marrakech. It is inspired by the “Mendil”, this traditional fabric that women from the Rif region wear on their hips when working in the fields”.

You can find more information here : www.valeriebarkowski.com

Pillowcases with pompoms are available in 2 sizes :
Pillow case 70cm x 50cm
Pillow case 65cm x 65cm

Bed sheets with pompoms are available in 3 sizes :
Single : 210cm x 300cm
Queen : 280cm x 300cm
King : 300cm x 300cm

Duvet covers with pompoms are available in 3 sizes :
Single : 140cm x 200cm
Queen : 240cm x 220cm
King : 260cm x 240cm

ILIAS bed linen with handmade pompoms and all our bed linen styles can be custom-made on demand. You can find more information here: Made-to-order

In  addition, please find our hand-embroidered fitted sheets.

Additional information

Care instructions

Wash at 40°, these products can be machine dried.

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