White bed linen LL01 trimmings NIL carmine


Bed linen NIL

Bed linen with trimmings entirely made by hand at our workshops in Morocco. All products have drawstring closures.
100% mercerized cotton


NIL bed linen with trimmings in carmine color

The NIL bed linen with trimmings and embroidery is inspired by the traditional djellaba style. It is a painstaking work that requires a lot of dexterity. The embroidery is handmade with thread and needle.

“I discovered this know how when I settled in Marrakesh during my daily walks in the maze of the old town. Skilled artisans, always men, sit in tiny shops on low stools and prepare made to order djellabas with these handmade trimmings. I have spent hours and hours looking at them until it became obvious that I had to translate this craft on my home linens. That is how Nil is born… I like the simplicity, timelessness and elegance of these trimmings. I like to mix them with other styles like Yumi, Aya, Noon, Tulum,…”

You can find more information here : www.valeriebarkowski.com

White high end bed linen NIL with handmade trimmings :

White pillowcases with trimmings are available in 2 sizes :
Pillow case 70cm x 50cm
Pillow case 65cm x 65cm

White bed sheets with trimmings are available in 3 sizes :
Single : 210cm x 300cm
Queen : 280cm x 300cm
King : 300cm x 300cm

White duvet covers with trimmings are available in 3 sizes :
Single : 140cm x 200cm
Queen : 240cm x 220cm
King : 260cm x 240cm

You can custom-order all our high end bed linen styles on demand. You can find more information here: Made-to-order

In  addition, please find our white fitted sheets.

“slow production” is a life philosophy

“For more than 20 years I have been working with traditional embroidery and ancestral craft. My “slow” philosophy of life has been built up little by little over the years. Working with artisans has taught me patience. That’s why I don’t follow fashions and trends, I follow my instinct and I give time to time. ”

Additional information

Linens Size

Bed sheet, Bed sheet 210x300cm, Bed sheet 280x300cm, Bed sheet 300x300cm, Duvet cover 140x200cm, Duvet cover 240x220cm, Duvet cover 260x240cm, Pillowcase 65x65cm, Pillowcase 70x50cm

Care instructions

Wash at 40°, these products can be machine dried.


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