Mrs. UDON – Original signed photography


Original signed photography – limited edition of 7

Printed on 70% hemp 30% cotton organic paper with Ultra chrome pigments

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Recipe : Splits of udon noodle, 2 lily pistils, small green leaf, neon pink cut-out label.

During lockdown in Brussels, 72 ephemeral portraits come to life. The Project (@meetmywilson) starts in Ibiza under the initiative of (@davidleppan). The suggestion reaches me from Marrakesh via @nicxxxdesign. Daily at 5 pm, my virtual tribe starts stamping their feet, waiting for me to put together the portrait of the day. It takes me 5 to 15 minutes to dress up these quick scenes; a spontaneous act, a creative bubble, giving a sense of rhythm to my days.

Limited edition of 7 prints on 70% hemp and 30% cotton organic paper.

Size 30cm x 40cm. Printed with ultra chrome pigments.

The 54+1 portraits book is also available here.


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