SULTAN WALLA – Original signed photography


Original signed photography – limited edition of 7

Printed on 70% hemp 30% cotton organic paper with Ultra chrome pigments


Recipe : Tape measure, 1cm soba noodle, 2 white porcelain buttons, 1 safety pin, 1 piece of lily flower pistil.

To compose all these ephemeral portraits I thoroughly visit all the drawers of my desk and the cupboards in the kitchen. The slightest nail, toothpick, button or string becomes a piece of work. Any seasonal vegetables are sources of inexhaustible components. Joyful memories of the very first lockdown in my life.
Sultan Walla original photography is a limited edition of 7 signed prints and is available in 2 sizes :
30cm x 40cm
45cm x 60cm
We print on Hahnemühle 70% hemp and 30% cotton organic paper with certified ultra chrome pigments.
Sultan Walla is also the funny face on the cover of our “54+1 portraits” book. You can purchase yours here.
This album has a softcover, 88 pages including 65 color plates.  Only 250 signed and numbered books available.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions60 × 45 × 1,5 cm
Portraits size

30 x 40 cm

30 x 40 cm