Table linen LT01 DOTS plum


Table linen

A modern and light model which is declined in napkins and placemats.

Table linen made in our workshops in Morocco.

Available in :

100% mercerized combed cotton


Embroidered interlacing of yards

Embroidered in our workshops in Marrakesh, the DOTS table linen owes all its refinement to the play of threads interlaced with poetry and delicacy.

A modern and light model which is declined in napkins and placemats.

Composition 100% combed cotton, mercerized.

There are 2 sizes for this model:

Napkin 45cm x 45cm
Double placemat 50cm x 35cm

When I arrived in Morocco, I got lost in the medina of Marrakesh. Amazed by all the know-how, I was interested in the tradition of the thread and the needle. Only the djellabas and kaftans were made by craftsmen. No trace of household linen. The latter was meticulously embroidered by young women at home who prepared their wedding trousseaux for many years.

I spent a lot of time in the small shops watching the men work, sitting on a makeshift stool and watching their gestures. Having tea, sharing the traditional couscous on Friday noon. After all these years I am still fascinated by this know-how and the grace with which traditional clothes are born.

The fact that I have been impregnated with Moroccan know-how, but also from elsewhere, has given me the desire to develop new games of yarn. I’ve been scribbling line games in my notebooks for years. This is what I wanted to transpose on the DOTS model.

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All our products are made with care and by hand by skilled artisans in Marrakesh. Timelessness, quality, sustainability, respect and a slow lifestyle define us. Since 1997.

Additional information

Care instructions

Wash at 40°, these products can be machine dried.

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