Bath linen LB01 POLLUX black


Bath towels

Entirely made by hand, the long black fringes are embroidered on both sides of the white terry towel.
100% combed cotton, long fibers 700gr / m2
This style is available in 3 sizes:


POLLUX Black : white bath linen with handmade black franges

POLLUX Black bath towels are made of white terry, 100% combed cotton with high loops. The black handmade fringes line two sides of each towel.

“After the success of LAMU bath line, my towels lined with multicolored or plain pompoms, I wanted to explore another style. A complementary style, a little different, more bohemian. That’s how the long fringes came naturally to life.”  More information at

There are also 3 dimensions for POLLUX bath linen:

Bath towel 100cm x 150cm
Hand towel 50cm x 100cm
Face towel 30cm x 50cm

POLLUX bath linen blends well with the Irma and Trass towels.

Additional information

Care instructions

Wash at 40°, these products can be machine dried.


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